Microsoft Gave Us A Multiple Choice Question In 20

8 septembre 2011

Microsoft gives worldwide PC users a multiple-choice question. Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows XP SP3, what’s the selection? For the consumer, perhaps the problem is not difficult, because the official version of Windows 7 has been released. But for enterprises, the problem is not so simple, there’re many issues, software compatibility testing for example. It is indeed difficult to choose for enterprises.
Windows Vista
According to NetApplications data, Vista now accounts for about 22% of the market share. Windows 7 can be seen a good opportunity for Vista to upgrade to Vista R2. Because, only the compatibility and usability of the Vista have been made improved, even the version was only from Vista 6.0 to Windows 7 6.1, that’s all.
By 2009, with the release of Vista SP2, the competitive between Vista SP2 and Windows 7 upgrades. However, in any event, Vista and Windows 7 share the same kernel, familiar with the interface is the advantage of Vista user.

Windows XP
Up till now, XP dominates the 70% of the Windows market, but with the advent of XP deadline, XP will gradually fade out the stage of history. Although by then we still can purchase XP machine, but there will be any people willing to use the 2001 system?
In addition, Microsoft also offers an upgrading program for Windows XP to Windows 7, in fact, this is not an upgrading same as Vista, it’s a new installation in fact, for completely different kernel, Windows XP can’t upgrade to Windows 7 through a normal upgrading. And after the upgrading, Windows XP users will face the unfamiliar experience in operating habits, it’s hard to adapt.

Windows 2000
In fact, this system has been ignored, although individual users is only 1% of the share, but in the enterprise, this figure is 10%! While it is an opportune time to upgrade in 2010, because Windows 7 comes, it’s Windows 2010 era.

Windows 7
Currently the hottest topics, we should concern about the price, and Microsoft’s pricing strategy is a key role in that.

By: Leor Cheung

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Leor Cheung wrote this article to help you understand the Windows system. Check out his latest website on the which gives people help and advice to find the best deals for a Philips digital baby monitor.

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How One Can Manage Error 4000

7 août 2011

It happens once you make an effort to run a program. It actually does not matter what the program is, plus it is likely you may have been utilizing the software for a period. You aim to start up the software and find « Error 4000: WINS encountered an error while processing the command. » Then your PC freezes for a moment. After that things go back to routine, although the computer program won’t start up.I’ve excellent news, and dreadful news. The excellent news is that your predicament is a registry error. The terrible news is that your glitch is a registry error.What is a Registry Error?Your registry is the nucleus programming code of your Windows os. Registry errors can fluctuate in severity. They are often corrupt files, missing files,Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Home Premium to Professional Key, empty registry keys, short cuts that point to applications which were removed, dll errors, even blue display errors are registry errors.Tips on how to Deal with Error 4000Error4000 can frequently be fixed with just a little labor in your side. Ultimately what I am going to accomplish is walk you thru a method that acts similar to taking your computer back in time to a date before you had the dilemma. After this process, any computer programs you put in between now as well as the day you decide will have to be reinstalled, any software you removed will have to be uninstalled again.For Windows Vista:
Primary, you should restart your laptop into Safe Mode
Push the F8 key at the same time as your computer starts up till you get a menu. If the laptop goes into Windows, you could attempt again.
Utilize your arrow keys to pick out Safe Mode from the menu
Press your Enter key
When your PC is entirely started up, you will notice a pop-up window notifying you that you’re in Safe Mode. Close up the window and go to your Start menu on the lower left of your desktop
Key « restore » within your search box. You will notice system restore listed there. left-click on it.
You will possess 2 solutions once you get into system restore. There shall be a beneficial date and select another day. You prefer to decide on an additional day.
Evaluate the days with awareness, and choose one from previous to you began to find error 4000, afterward click Next.
Click the End button
Reboot to ordinary Windows
To stop receiving registry errors sooner or later, I propose getting a registry fixer and working it weekly. For added data on registry fixers and the way they can Fix error 4000, Please Visit Our Blog. Related post?

Three simple ways to recover Windows XP password

7 août 2011

This may happen when you attempt to log in to your Windows XP and you realize you lost the password. Just because you can’t remember or some hackers had change your password.
It’s easy to gain access to Windows after losing user account password. Just simply login as the computer administrator and go to control panel->user accounts. There you will be able to reset the password for any of the systems user accounts.
Howerver, things will get more tricky if you have lost Windows administrator password. It’s a sickening,powerless feeling to be locked out of your own computer though this happens more often,everytime we feel so helpless.What should you do in facing this situation.You have tried everything you could but failed.
This problem of Windows XP password recovery often troubles most PC users, especially for those who have little computer skills. For this, following are three simple ways on how to ?recover Widows XP password to help you login your computer again.
Method 1:? Login as Safe Mode
Start system and press F8 key when Windows is starting up. Then select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and enter. Choose Administrator,the default password may be blank if you don’t set the default administrator password before.Then you will enter into doc Command as following.

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Reset Windows XP Password with Three Common Methods

Type  » net user net user xxx 12345 /add  » (xxx is the locked account name and 123456 is the new password set on this account).Then you will see the Command Completed Successfully.
Method 2: Using A password reset disk
Windows XP and further versions also provide another method to recover forgotten password by using «  »Reset Disk »". If you created a Password Reset Disk in past, you can use that disk to recover Windows XP password as follows.
Step 1: Start Windows and click your username when you get to the Windows XP logon screen. Type the password wrongly.
Step 2. Press Enter and you will see the error message about « Did you forgot your password?????/p>
Step 3: Click use a password reset disk.The Password Reset Wizard starts.Then follow the instructions and reset a new password.
But this method require you have create a password reset disk before losing Windows XP password. You can create one as the below steps.
1. Single-click Start menu, Control Panel,Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP2 Key(64 Bit), and User Accounts.
2. Click your user account name.
3. Under Related Tasks on the left, click « Prevent forgotten password » to launch the wizard.
Method 3: Recovering Windows XP password with Windows Password Key
There are many commercial tools that allow you to recover Windows administrator password if you have forgotten it. Technically, they do the same as the free tools. Some of them might be easier to use or come with better instructions. I recommend trying the other options I described in this article.
Windows Password Key is designed to recover Windows XP password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive when your Windows password is lost or forgotten. The procss can be completed in 3 minutes.
Step 1: Login any available computer and download Windows Password Key.
Step 2: Install it and Burt the ISO image to a blank CD or USB flash diver
Step 3: Set BIOS to boot from CD or USB
Step 4: Recover Windows XP password with the burned CD or USB flash drive.
Article Source:

zhuliya – About the Author:
Lost or forgot windows password?With no way to get into the system?Do not be so anxious.This tutorial can help you remove the lost windows password in one second.Supports Windows of all versions, 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000:
Welcome to lost windows password solution blog


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Check Your Pc Configuration Before Installing Wind

7 août 2011

Windows XP offers several exciting new features like better GUI, enhanced support for various hardware devices without the need of installing external drivers, built-in firewall support and support for numerous applications with the introduction of application compatibility mode etc.
Check your PC’s hardware configuration before installing Windows XP operating system on it. Here is a list of minimum system requirements for installing Windows XP:

Pentium 233 MHz processor or faster
64 MB of RAM
1.5 GB of free space on the system’s hard disk
CD/DVD ROM drive
Keyboard, Mouse and some other compatible pointing device
Video adapter, sound card and monitor with 800 x 600 or higher resolution

It is highly recommended to check out the minimum system requirements before installing Windows XP on your PC.
Windows XP offers several exciting new features like:

Faster start-up: It boots up much faster as compared to its preceding versions of Windows.
Improved graphical user interface: It offers a much improved and more user-friendly user interface.
Remote desktop connection: This feature allows the users to run Windows XP to connect to a computer, which is running the same version of Windows across the Internet to share files, applications and other resources with each other.
Windows Firewall: It protects your computer from unknown malicious attacks and offers a higher level of protection against malicious software and users.

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5.??? Inbuilt CD burning wizard: This feature allows the users to burn CDs without using any third party software utility for burning CDs.
Windows XP offers more enhanced features as compared to its previous versions like security, reliability, compatibility, performance and portability etc. You can enjoy these features by installing this version of operating system on your computer.
You can perform a clean installation of Windows XP on your system, wherein all the existing data will be removed during hr. Follow the below mentioned steps to perform a clean Windows XP installation on your PC:
STEP 1: Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD/DVD drive and then restart your computer.
STEP 2: Pressany key to begin, when prompted with « Press any key to boot from CD » message.
STEP 3: Press « Enter » key to start Windows XP Setup when a dialog box « Welcome to Setup screen » appears on the screen.
STEP 4: Read and accept the License agreement terms and conditions, and then press « F8″ key.
STEP 5: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Windows XP Setup.
Following the above mentioned steps will install Windows XP operating system on your PC.
Some of the problems, which may occur during the installation of Windows XP, are: you receive some error message prompting installation fails; Windows Setup hangs up after displaying « Setup is starting Windows » message etc.
Before performing the clean installation of Windows XP, take a back up of all your important information to any external storage location or device like CD/DVD. All the data lost during this process cannot be retrieved.
Nick Gray – About the Author:
Nick Gray is a technical expert at iYogi,Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3 Key(32 Bit), which is an online technical support service provider. The firm’s Microsoft Certified Technicians perform complete? Microsoft support and computer troubleshooting that are essential for keeping your desktop or laptop in good condition, enhancing its life and increasing your productivity.


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Proven Ways To Improve Windows Vista’s Performance

26 juillet 2011

When you get yourself a computer installed with Windows Vista you need to do a lot of fine tuning to ensure that it can work to offer you efficiency. However,windows 7 serial key, Windows Vista is known to be pretty stable and you can count on it, it is very memory hungry and you need to work with a high memory if you want it to work well. Below are a few things you can do to your machine to improve Windows Vista performance.1. Junk software: Many PC companies like Dell power up their computers with a number of software that you may never use, therefore you may need to be wise and choose programs that you use and uninstall programs that you will never use. Just keep the bare minimum and you can get maximum efficiency from your Windows Vista operating system.2. Windows Defender: When Windows Vista was first launched there were a lot of complaints floating around regarding virus infection. However windows vista tried to make it right by pre installing Windows defender that basically protects your computer against viruses. However, if you are a smart user and are going to install some other anti-virus software anyway you should make sure that this particular program is disabled when you bring the computer home.3. UAC (User Access Control): The User Access Control is probably a function you can easily do away with. When you click on anything that has an effect on system configuration, it will ask you if you really want to use the operation. Disabling it will keep you away from thinking about unnecessary questions and offer efficiency. Disable this function after you have disabled the defender.4. Readyboost: Using an external memory will help your Vista perform better. Any high speed 2.0 flash drive will help Vista use this as an extended RAM, hence reducing the load on your hard drive.5. Graphics and User Interface: If you are not one that cares about fancy features on the User Interface and primarily need your computer to get things done fast, then you should disable a few features that are not helping you with your work. The jazzy features pack on unnecessary load on your memory and processor.6. Start up programs: Removing startup programs that are affecting the speed of your computer can really help. Anti virus software take up a lot of space and usually drag down the efficiency of your computer. Maybe working towards getting a anti virus software that is not so heavy may help.7. Unnecessary services: There are a number of services on your computer that you may not need, but are unnecessarily adding load on your PC’s performance. Identify them by using the administrative tools function in the control panel and you can stop or disable the services that you really don’t need.By simply understanding what you need to do to improve performance you can make a difference to Windows Vista and make sure it performs better so that you do not lose out on time. Related post:

Hall DLL Missing Error Fix

26 juillet 2011

When using Windows you may receive Hall.dll missing error after the computer is first started.
This error occurs when this file/key is either missing or corrupted.Fix hall.dll missing issue on Windows Vista and Windows 7:Reboot your system.
Open Command Prompt form the system Recovery Options menu.
At the prompt,windows xp key, type « bootsect » without quotes and press Enter.
Now type « bootsect /nt60 sys » (note: there is space between bootsect and slash) without quotes. This will overwrite the master boot record on partition.
You would see the result in this way
C: (\\?\Volume{37a450c8-2331-11e0-9019-806e6f6e6963})
Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode
Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.If this is not the message then certainly there is some kind of error. Now start Windows normally, try running bootsect /nt60 all instead.Now close your Command Prompt.
Click on Restart button from System Recovery Options Window.Fix hall.dll missing issue Windows XP:Restart your system.
Press and hold F8 to boot Windows XP Safe mode with command prompt.
Click on Start button and go to Run.
Here type « c:\winodws\system32\restore\rstrui.exe » and press Enter.
Follow on screen instructions.
You are done.Run Disk Defragmenter:To fix problem « hall.dll missing » follow these steps to run disk defragmenter.
Click on Start button.
Go to Programs and select Accessories.
Click on System Tools.
Now select Disk Defragmenter.
Follow on screen instructions.Fix Windows Registry:The root cause behind hall.dll missing is registry corruption. Registry is central database where operating system keeps record of all applications installed, drivers’ paths and hardware configurations. You need to repair this part of operating system in order to prevent hall.dll missing errors. Related post:

Bootrec.exe Tool To Remove Windows 7 Startup Probl

26 juillet 2011

While the reasons for Windows 7 startup errors could be many, three of the most common are corruption in Master Boot Record (MBR), boot sector, and Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. In most cases, a Windows user uses ‘Startup Repair’ option to surmount the error message and make the hard drive data accessible.

However, there are many situations wherein the above option fails to resolve the error and your system remains unbootable. For such situations, the user can either restore data from an updated backup or use Bootrec.exe tool. But in case, both the above measures fail, the user can recover his/her data using advanced Data Recovery application.

Consider a practical case to illustrate the above problem. You attempt to boot Windows 7 operating system and encounter an error message stating that the boot.ini file is corrupt. To surmount the above error, select ‘System Recovery Options’ dialog box and select ‘Startup Repair’ option.

However, when the repair is complete using the ‘Startup Repair’ option, you encounter the same error message during the boot process. In such cases,windows xp key, you need to run bootrec.exe tool to start Windows 7 operating system and access data. To use this utility, you will need to:

Insert Windows 7 installation CD and re-start your system.
Press any key when you are prompted to.
Choose required time, input method, language, and currency. Click ‘Next’.
Choose ‘Repair’ option to repair your system.
Select Windows 7 operating system, and click ‘Next’.
Click ‘Command Prompt’ in the ‘System Recovery Options’ dialog box.
Type ‘Bootrec.exe’ on the command prompt and the press Enter.

The system becomes bootable after you follow the above steps. However, if it does not, then you will need to re-install Windows 7 operating system. To access the data deleted after re-installation, you can opt for any third-party Data Recovery Software. Such Data Recovery tools scan a formatted hard drive using high-end scanning to recover all lost files and folders.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery performs a comprehensive scan on a formatted hard drive and recovers all formatted data in three simple steps. The Data Recovery Software allows you to save the recovered data at required location. Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems, the tool supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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How Do I Get The Dreamweaver CS5 Serial Number

26 juillet 2011

One which just install your dreamweaver serial collection you will have to obtain the serialized number that came with the packages. Adobe CS5 necessitates that one enters a different serial number ahead of fully utilising this system.
In case you’ve dropped your serial number, there could be a method to obtain it as long as Adobe CS5 ‘s still installed. There’s a chance you’re able to find your Adobe CS5 serial number if you have un-installed the suite however , only if the serial number details remained within the Windows Registry.
The Adobe CS5 serial number is actually a greater portion of something important than the usual serial number however the conditions in many cases are used interchangeably.
Answer: The simplest way to obtain your Adobe CS5 serial number may be with a product key finder program.

Employing a free of charge product crucial locater program would definitely be a easiest way to obtain your unique Adobe CS5 serial number. Product key finder applications quickly seek out your computer for the item keys and serial numbers that your software programs save in the registry.
all number you could find it by hand although that information and facts are normally tough to come across.
Most product crucial finder software programs are created to get serial numbers and product keys for systems like Microsoft windows 7 or Windows Vista however , many of them locate serial numbers for a number of additional applications as well – software programs just like those invoved with the Adobe CS5 package.
I’ve assessed a number of product key finders however , I’ve not been able to to do affirm if any of them find your Adobe CS5 serial number. The most suitable key finder applications tend to be speedy downloads and free so please feel free to use them all until you find one which will locate your Adobe CS5 serial.

Right here are two of the very popular applications that discover serial numbers and product keys:
1)Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder
2)Lincen Crawler
If neither of the above programs locate your Adobe CS5 serial number,windows 7 key, deliver some of the other key finder applications a try from my Free Product Keyfinder Programs list. Be sure to let ma know very well what applications did or did not find your Adobe CS5 serial hence I can have this page up graded.
Very important: You might have encountered Adobe CS5 keygen programs or some other types of Adobe CS5 cracks but remember that these aren’t legitimate techniques for obtaining serial numbers or product keys. The actual legitimate strategy for setting up this software suite is to apply a valid Adobe CS5 serial number attained through a legitimate buying of the software from Adobe or an certified retailer.
Every Adobe Creative Suite 5 edition will most likely employ a exclusive serial number. A few of the Adobe CS5 suites involved Design Standard, Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection. These kinds of CS5 suites contain distinct mixtures of the various Adobe CS5 applications.Related post:

Two More Killer Keystroke Combos Using the Windows

26 juillet 2011

In this article, I will share two more time-saving keystroke combinations for PC-users. Both of these utilize the « Windows » key on most standard PC keyboards (the key looks like the Microsoft Windows logo). Both allow to save time/increase productivity: one with finding programs, files, and documents, and the other with jumping between different programs. »Windows »+D Keystroke ComboThe first keystroke combination is to hit both the « Windows » key and the « D » key simultaneously. Windows+D is a pretty useful little keystroke combo because it allows you to immediately minimize any program that is currently being worked on or has been selected. Thus, if you are in an active program – let’s say you are toggling between an Excel spreadsheet and Word document, sharing data back and forth – then you can use the Windows+D combo to very quickly minimize whichever program you’re working in so you can transfer data from the spreadsheet to the Word document or vice versa without having to « mouse over » to hit the minimize button. It allows for quick minimization of any open window/program that you have currently selected.Windows+E Keystroke ComboWhat the « Windows+E » keystroke combination does is automatically launch your Windows Explorer program (not Internet Explorer) from wherever you are in your PC. Hit the « Windows » key and « E » key in simultaneous combination. Windows Explorer will launch and give you the opportunity to search for files, folders, and documents within Windows Explorer – a very handy technique for any situation where you might need to locate a file or a program on your hard drive, share drive,windows xp key, or any affiliated drives.Utilize these handy keystroke combinations using the « Windows » key and enjoy your saved time and increased productivity! Related post?

What is conhost.exe in Windows 7

13 juin 2011

Being a Windows 7 user, somewhere you must have seen conhost.exe. Right? If you open Task Manager ??Processes in Windows 7, you will wonder what this conhost.exe is, what it is doing in task manager and why it’s running on your brand new Windows 7 PC. You should also remember that you must not try to delete it. If you do so, you will have to face its repercussions in the form of corruption. Then you need to Restore Data using third party tool.
With development of Windows Vista, Microsoft tries to fix issue and made some significant improvements and changes in regard to security. Conhost.exe is one such change in Windows OS arena. Conhost.exe is the new host process for console windows. In the previous Windows OS versions, console windows are handled by csrss.exe which is the « Client Server Runtime Process », a process running with system-level privileges.

In previous versions, applications running in different « levels » are not allowed to exchange data freely. This problem was considered and Microsoft developed conhost.exe process. The conhost.exe process fixes a fundamental problem in the way previous versions of Windows handled console windows, which broke drag & drop in Vista. Conhost.exe is totally legitimate executable file – as long as it’s running from the system32 folder, and is signed by Microsoft.
Essentially, there’s a setback with the way the console process works on previous versions of Windows. Actually they all are hosted under csrss.exe (Client Server Runtime Process) service and this process runs as a system-privileged account. Having a close look at the command prompt on Windows XP, you’ll notice that the window doesn’t use the active theme at all. This is because the CSRSS process doesn’t have the ability to be themed.

Now, if you take a look at the console in Windows Vista,microsoft office 2007 ultimate serial, it looks like it uses the same theme as everything else, but you’ll notice that the scrollbars are still using the old style. Answer to this is the DWM (Desktop Window Manager) process handles drawing the title bars, but underneath it still works the same way, and the scrollbars are part of the window itself.
Also in Windows Vista, the ability to drag and drop files from Explorer straight into the command prompt is broken. Checking it out in Process Explorer under Windows 7 shows that the conhost.exe process is running underneath the csrss.exe process.
So you can see that conhost.exe is having some advantage, that’s why it’s been invented by Microsoft. By this article you must have be familiar with the conhost.exe process, and therefore you should never attempt to delete it, even mistakenly.
If Windows 7 falls prey to corruption and you are not able to access the data within. Then to restore data you must use proficient data recovery software to get timely and effective aid. Data recovery software to restore data is been designed to rescue data from deleted, formatted, corrupted and damaged Windows partitions.Related post?