Microsoft Gave Us A Multiple Choice Question In 20

Microsoft gives worldwide PC users a multiple-choice question. Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows XP SP3, what’s the selection? For the consumer, perhaps the problem is not difficult, because the official version of Windows 7 has been released. But for enterprises, the problem is not so simple, there’re many issues, software compatibility testing for example. It is indeed difficult to choose for enterprises.
Windows Vista
According to NetApplications data, Vista now accounts for about 22% of the market share. Windows 7 can be seen a good opportunity for Vista to upgrade to Vista R2. Because, only the compatibility and usability of the Vista have been made improved, even the version was only from Vista 6.0 to Windows 7 6.1, that’s all.
By 2009, with the release of Vista SP2, the competitive between Vista SP2 and Windows 7 upgrades. However, in any event, Vista and Windows 7 share the same kernel, familiar with the interface is the advantage of Vista user.

Windows XP
Up till now, XP dominates the 70% of the Windows market, but with the advent of XP deadline, XP will gradually fade out the stage of history. Although by then we still can purchase XP machine, but there will be any people willing to use the 2001 system?
In addition, Microsoft also offers an upgrading program for Windows XP to Windows 7, in fact, this is not an upgrading same as Vista, it’s a new installation in fact, for completely different kernel, Windows XP can’t upgrade to Windows 7 through a normal upgrading. And after the upgrading, Windows XP users will face the unfamiliar experience in operating habits, it’s hard to adapt.

Windows 2000
In fact, this system has been ignored, although individual users is only 1% of the share, but in the enterprise, this figure is 10%! While it is an opportune time to upgrade in 2010, because Windows 7 comes, it’s Windows 2010 era.

Windows 7
Currently the hottest topics, we should concern about the price, and Microsoft’s pricing strategy is a key role in that.

By: Leor Cheung

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