Check Your Pc Configuration Before Installing Wind

Windows XP offers several exciting new features like better GUI, enhanced support for various hardware devices without the need of installing external drivers, built-in firewall support and support for numerous applications with the introduction of application compatibility mode etc.
Check your PC’s hardware configuration before installing Windows XP operating system on it. Here is a list of minimum system requirements for installing Windows XP:

Pentium 233 MHz processor or faster
64 MB of RAM
1.5 GB of free space on the system’s hard disk
CD/DVD ROM drive
Keyboard, Mouse and some other compatible pointing device
Video adapter, sound card and monitor with 800 x 600 or higher resolution

It is highly recommended to check out the minimum system requirements before installing Windows XP on your PC.
Windows XP offers several exciting new features like:

Faster start-up: It boots up much faster as compared to its preceding versions of Windows.
Improved graphical user interface: It offers a much improved and more user-friendly user interface.
Remote desktop connection: This feature allows the users to run Windows XP to connect to a computer, which is running the same version of Windows across the Internet to share files, applications and other resources with each other.
Windows Firewall: It protects your computer from unknown malicious attacks and offers a higher level of protection against malicious software and users.

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5.??? Inbuilt CD burning wizard: This feature allows the users to burn CDs without using any third party software utility for burning CDs.
Windows XP offers more enhanced features as compared to its previous versions like security, reliability, compatibility, performance and portability etc. You can enjoy these features by installing this version of operating system on your computer.
You can perform a clean installation of Windows XP on your system, wherein all the existing data will be removed during hr. Follow the below mentioned steps to perform a clean Windows XP installation on your PC:
STEP 1: Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD/DVD drive and then restart your computer.
STEP 2: Pressany key to begin, when prompted with « Press any key to boot from CD » message.
STEP 3: Press « Enter » key to start Windows XP Setup when a dialog box « Welcome to Setup screen » appears on the screen.
STEP 4: Read and accept the License agreement terms and conditions, and then press « F8″ key.
STEP 5: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the Windows XP Setup.
Following the above mentioned steps will install Windows XP operating system on your PC.
Some of the problems, which may occur during the installation of Windows XP, are: you receive some error message prompting installation fails; Windows Setup hangs up after displaying « Setup is starting Windows » message etc.
Before performing the clean installation of Windows XP, take a back up of all your important information to any external storage location or device like CD/DVD. All the data lost during this process cannot be retrieved.
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Nick Gray is a technical expert at iYogi,Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3 Key(32 Bit), which is an online technical support service provider. The firm’s Microsoft Certified Technicians perform complete? Microsoft support and computer troubleshooting that are essential for keeping your desktop or laptop in good condition, enhancing its life and increasing your productivity.


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