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What is conhost.exe in Windows 7

Lundi 13 juin 2011

Being a Windows 7 user, somewhere you must have seen conhost.exe. Right? If you open Task Manager ??Processes in Windows 7, you will wonder what this conhost.exe is, what it is doing in task manager and why it’s running on your brand new Windows 7 PC. You should also remember that you must not try to delete it. If you do so, you will have to face its repercussions in the form of corruption. Then you need to Restore Data using third party tool.
With development of Windows Vista, Microsoft tries to fix issue and made some significant improvements and changes in regard to security. Conhost.exe is one such change in Windows OS arena. Conhost.exe is the new host process for console windows. In the previous Windows OS versions, console windows are handled by csrss.exe which is the « Client Server Runtime Process », a process running with system-level privileges.

In previous versions, applications running in different « levels » are not allowed to exchange data freely. This problem was considered and Microsoft developed conhost.exe process. The conhost.exe process fixes a fundamental problem in the way previous versions of Windows handled console windows, which broke drag & drop in Vista. Conhost.exe is totally legitimate executable file – as long as it’s running from the system32 folder, and is signed by Microsoft.
Essentially, there’s a setback with the way the console process works on previous versions of Windows. Actually they all are hosted under csrss.exe (Client Server Runtime Process) service and this process runs as a system-privileged account. Having a close look at the command prompt on Windows XP, you’ll notice that the window doesn’t use the active theme at all. This is because the CSRSS process doesn’t have the ability to be themed.

Now, if you take a look at the console in Windows Vista,microsoft office 2007 ultimate serial, it looks like it uses the same theme as everything else, but you’ll notice that the scrollbars are still using the old style. Answer to this is the DWM (Desktop Window Manager) process handles drawing the title bars, but underneath it still works the same way, and the scrollbars are part of the window itself.
Also in Windows Vista, the ability to drag and drop files from Explorer straight into the command prompt is broken. Checking it out in Process Explorer under Windows 7 shows that the conhost.exe process is running underneath the csrss.exe process.
So you can see that conhost.exe is having some advantage, that’s why it’s been invented by Microsoft. By this article you must have be familiar with the conhost.exe process, and therefore you should never attempt to delete it, even mistakenly.
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Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Lundi 13 juin 2011

Microsoft Windows gadgets are basically software widgets on a computer desktop which have been in use since the inception of Windows Vista. Basically, Windows 7 desktop gadgets are small specialized applications which are made to help you with your simple tasks like checking the time, date and various search tools. These gadgets were introduced with Vista and have been improved for future prospects in the latest version of the Windows 7. Windows 7 offers hundreds of free desktop gadgets but out of so many only some of them are useful.

Top 10 Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Microsoft has done many changes in the recent years and it’s also changed the way Windows handles gadgets at the desktop; it’s fast, it’s useful and it’s very user-friendly. In Vista all these gadgets were placed in a sidebar which contained mini applications made by XML,windows xp professional service pack 3 key, DHTML and JavaScript. However, now with Windows 7 the sidebar is no longer required as all the gadgets are DHTML based and can now be placed directly on the desktop. Here are some of the best Windows 7 desktop gadgets.

Clipboard Manager
This Windows 7 gadget gives you an easy access to the clipboard history. You can even get back images and text you copied from the previous clipboards and use them to make some great clips for the future. You can view the entire history of your favorite clips from the clipboard manager by just clicking on more.

Millions of people have become addicted to social networking sites in the last few years and most Americans are loyal followers of Twitter. Twadget is for all those people who like to Tweet on a daily basis. You can send and view all the tweets from your friends just by clicking on this gadget.

Ultimate Explorer
When you have a look at it, Ultimate Explorer actually seems to be a pretty simple tool to use, but it has a string of features to offer. It provides instant access to multiple sites and the search can be a browser or a gadget based on your discretion.

Facebook Explorer
One of the coolest Windows 7 desktop gadgets is the Facebook Explorer. We all know how popular Facebook has become in recent times and having a Facebook gadget has become a necessity. You can also adjust the height of the Explorer, update your status and customize your Explorer on a regular basis.

Having a currency converter is one of the top Windows 7 gadgets for your desktop. This gadget gives you the option of having access to almost every currency used in the world. A very usable gadget.

Magic Folder
If your desktop or download folder is a pool of items which are all haywire and if you really want clean the mess up and establish an organized manner, then magic folder can be of great help. You just have to drag and drop the files on the Magic Folder. For best results, you have to first set it up and then add the type of folders you want to add.

Weather Underground
In this modern age of technology, no one cares to look at the weather. However, it would be wonderful if you could know if you need to carry an umbrella today. The Weather Underground helps you look at updated weather conditions on most various countries and cities.

Outlook Upcoming Appointments
The Outlook Upcoming Appointment gadget shows you the list of your upcoming appointments scheduled to appear in the coming weeks. You can double click on any appointment and it will open in Outlook.

Talking Clock
One of the best Windows 7 gadgets is the Talking Clock which talks back to you. You can also set up various appointments or other tasks and just set the date, the clock will remind you as soon as you start your PC. Your PC becomes your own assistant which keeps reminding you of all the important dates in a year.

If you’re bored of working than you can definitely take a break and watch the news. MiniTV offers you a variety of stations such as NBC and C-SPAN. You can also view your favorite programs in the tiny gadget window or watch it in full screen.

So these were some of the best Windows 7 desktop gadgets for you. You can get all these amazing Windows gadgets by going to the Windows Live Gallery and browsing the various gadgets you like. Download them and enjoy the benefits.

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Taking an Organisation on an ITIL Journey Key Cons

Lundi 13 juin 2011

Taking an organisation on an ITIL journey is always something you need to be fully prepared for. You need to think of the implementation on a number of levels, you need to be mentally prepared for anything and strong enough to take feedback and be able to work through this feedback to provide a clear path forward. Pondering the Best Practise you may have learned in the classroom is one thing; you are now in the real world, with a real expectation on results.Be aware of where your primary Client and or Project Sponsors ITIL knowledge is at? More importantly where that knowledge needs to be to effectively support you on your journey? You maybe carrying out formal assessments and working hard to understand and pull together a realistic current state view of where the organisations Service Management capabilities are at? One thing often overlooked is a need to understand where your key sponsor’s knowledge is at? Where are they at with regards to understanding enough detail to support you? Remember it is your sponsors you will most likely be selling your solutions too.Remember where you are trying to get to?
Remember the big picture, don’t get bogged down in the detail, you will certainly need to get down to the detail as you journey through however the point I am trying to emphasis is to not get stuck down there, I have seen many situations where implementers have been pulled down into the detail and unfortunately been busy trying to solve everyone’s issues at the same time and therefore found it extremely difficult to come back up,microsoft office standard 2007 serial, and in some cases can’t identify the logical path to come back up. Don’t get stuck down there, come back up and visualise on the big picture and where you are trying to get to.Good Luck, To Your Success… Related post?